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Welcome to SpringSpree !!

27, 28 February & 1 March 2015

The cultural fest of NIT-Warangal

Holland's windmills Kite Fliers. Sun set

World Fest
The theme for SpringSpree 2015 is World Fest. Yay! Lets Travel.


SpringSpree is..
    The annual cultural festival of NIT Warangal, was commenced in 1978 as a requisite break for the students from their enervating and monotonous class schedules and didactic courses.36 years on, it has today been established as one of the best cultural festivals in the nation enticing massive participation from the very center to the remote corners. Over the years, we have had famous and ingenious artists, highlighting the festival with their esteemed presence and their majestic performances.


    Are the Heart and Soul of SpringSpree.This is the part of the festival which perks up the crowd most and leaves them mesmerized at the end of the day.Every year Springspree has seen some phenomenal and griping performances by artists of both national and international fame.

    Fashion is an art and you are the artist. Your body is a canvas; the clothes are your paint. Make your masterpiece! With style and chic attire, show the world what it means to walk down a runway.

    IDOL is SpringSpree’s biggest platform for vocal genius in a most grand singing competition, which is inspired by the popular TV Show 'American Idol’. It is a singing competition designed to identify and award outstanding singers throughout India, with the aim of seeking skilled, experienced and quality singers from different colleges of India.


Tear It Up
    Tear It Up is a Bboying battle jam where the best crews in the country descend to one of India’s largest cult fest to stomp the yard. This edition brings you B-Boying at its epitome. In this art of war, your attitude is your weapon, your agility your ammo, and your creativity your trigger. Lock your joints, pop your feet, and freeze your way to glory.

    After its inception around 6 years ago,NIT MUN,that commenced the dream of students who savored the art of intellectual debating and wanted to give dimension to their intrigues.And over the years,with diligence and a positive vision of making it more enticing everytime.

computer on

    The Game is On! Prepare to fight, snipe and own your opponents.
  • Counter Strike 1.6
  • DOTA
  • FIFA
  • Need For Speed


    iRA is a competition held between homegrown college rock bands. The rules of the competition are very simple. The contestant bands perform their own rock music compositions and the winner is decided by the crowd. This Spotlight has become synonymous with the final day celebrations of SpringSpree. The iRA competition is an effort to nurture the growing taste for Rock Music among Indian Students today and provides a platform for those bands which are looking to test their wings.

the fluid rock frock! throat
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Spring Spree

Do Something kickass this Spree.
    27th February  -   1st March , 2015